The AL SHAFAR CIVIL ENGINEERING L.L.C. shall instill and develop a health and safety culture across the organization, whereby commitment to the prevention of both injury to employees, sub-contractors or persons affected by our activities and incidents of damage or loss of property, plant and equipment will improve the overall performance of the business.

The Company is extremely interested to a policy of prevention, reduction and elimination of all unwanted events that could hinder or affect public-health, natural eco-system and business opportunity.

In order to achieve this objective we will:

  • Implement an effective Health and Safety Management system to ensure all operations are carried out in accordance with Local, International or Customer specific Health & Safety practice.
  • Through appropriate delegation of authority, ensure responsibility for Health and Safety at all levels within the Organization.
  • Provide effective training and development for all employees to improve their capability to identify and manage the risks normally associated with the nature of our work.
  • Maintain credible and accurate records of all incidents and occurrences, which can be used to produce meaningful statistics against which continuous improvement initiatives can be measure.